November 26, 2011

Statement from Charles Sousa, Minister of Citizenship and Immigration (Ontario)

Posted by admin - Bellissimo Law Group PC

November 26, 2011 2:29 PM

“I am disappointed and concerned with the Harper Government’s short-sighted decision to cut support to Ontario’s new comer settlement agencies. Those cuts will make it harder for newcomers to find jobs and contribute to Ontario’s economy, at a time of global uncertainty when Ontario needs everyone at their best. I am urging the federal government to think twice and make the right decision.

Ontario is the destination of choice for more newcomers to Canada than any other province. More immigrants settled in Ontario last year than the rest of Canada combined. That’s been the case for generations. Until now, however, they could count on a Canadian government willing to do what it takes to help them succeed.

For two consecutive years, the Harper Government has unfairly targeted newcomer settlement agencies in Ontario. Newcomer settlement agencies help these hard working families learn language skills, find jobs, and integrate into Ontario and Canadian life. I am concerned these unfair federal cuts could force these valuable agencies to shut their doors, locking out newcomers when they need help the most.

It is time for the Harper government to do the right thing and cancel cuts to newcomer settlement agencies. Jobs and economic progress are at stake, and failing to act will fail Ontario.”