November 22, 2011

PNP Centralized Processing

Posted by admin - Bellissimo Law Group PC

The PNP has played a crucial role in meeting labour market needs and in spreading the benefits of economic immigration across the country.  It is now the second largest source of economic immigration to Canada and CIC will continue to provide provinces and territories with a record amount of space in the immigration program for 2012. The PNP gives provinces and territories an active role in immigration selected based on their specific labour market needs and it is up to them to submit timely applications in order for CIC to reach annual admission targets.CIC plans to welcome 42,000 to 45,000 new people under the program in 2012;this number includes the nominees, their spouses and dependents.

Commencing December1st PNP and Quebec skilled worker applications will be processed at CPO.  March 1st 2012 deadline for final implementation and receipt of applications – 2 year pilot project – will try to process in Canada completely– Pilot.  Files include only those through Manilla & Buffalo not a 100%, for Quebec skilled workers, Buffalo, Paris, Bucharest.