June 10, 2011

Medical Examinations

Posted by admin - Bellissimo Law Group PC

Q. It is my understanding that the advanced medical examination of dependants of in-Canada spousal applicants is not currently available under CIC policy. I have heard that these applicants must wait until the visa office contacts them and issues instructions resulting in lengthy and unnecessary processing delays, sometimes for months. Would CIC consider modifying this policy so that once an applicant is approved in principle by CPC Vegreville they may undergo the examination using the Appendix B form?

  1. Citizenship and Immigration Canada advised:We are in the process of examining the feasibility of upfront medical examinations for overseas dependants of in-Canada spousal applicants for future deployment. Currently there are two separate issues identified in implementing such a change.
  1. The validity of medical results is one year from the date of examination. In doing medicals upfront, overseas dependants run the risk of having their results expire if there is any sort of delay in processing their application. This results in the creation of additional work, rather than less, for visa officers to request new medical exams, and an added expense for the client(s) to re-do the medical.
  2. This may lead to confusion at the visa offices as some medical results may arrive before the office is made aware of the application.

Currently the designated medical practitioner (DMP) is instructed to forward the medical result as soon as it has been completed. When CIC receives the result the service standard is currently 10 working days for a straight forward M1 case in all regional medical offices (RMOs).