December 13, 2011

Informational Exchanges Between CIC & OBA

Posted by admin - Bellissimo Law Group PC

Here are some of the latest informational exchanges between the Ontario Bar Association Executive and Citizenship and Immigration Canada (Ontario Region):

Q1. Since the local office ultimately distributes PR cards, can you have any impact on PR Card renewals? For example: straightforward renewals, when there are no issues of residency or elderly people who travel very little.

No; in the Ontario Region the average processing time for PR Cards is 2 weeks from the date of receipt at the local office to the date the letter of invitation goes out to clients.

Q2. Can CIC provide clarification on what timeframe is assessed for residency obligation purposes by the local CIC once a PR card renewal application is considered after a referral from Sydney. Currently, at St. Clair CIC, it is taking over 12 months for the assessment to take place. Is that time frame calculated in the residency calculation for the permanent resident? Assuming it is and the applicant clearly meets the residency obligation what further assessment, if any is done?

If at the time of the interview/assessment, the client meets physical presence – at least 730 days in Canada, no other residency assessment will be done. Also, if the client has very recently received a residency determination overseas, no other assessment will be done.