December 31, 2010

Here’s to a Happy Ending and a Wonderful 2011

Posted by admin - Bellissimo Law Group PC

My first blog entry was on Monday December 31st, 2007

I wrote then:

I sometimes do not take the time to look back. I am always focused on the next challenge. But with only a few hours left in 2007 I guess it is a good time to look back at this last year and yes – what a year!

I must say as the years pass I do take more time to reflect on the people and the faces that come into our lives. In the world of immigration law we meet many from diverse background but with the common goal of seeking Canada as home. In my travels I am often reminded how golden life in Canada is and this holds true even though since that blog in 2007 the world has experienced one of the worst economic crisis in its history with lasting effects.

So tonight some savour the ending of 2010, others happy to see it go and others still anxious as to what 2011 may bring and some others yet embrace the promise of 2011. So where do you find yourself tonight on the spectrum of life?

To my staff I thank you – you are truly the best.

To my clients I thank you – as you have enriched our lives and for the many who we still journey together we do so with renewed vigour in 2011. To the many faces I will meet in 2011 in our little corner of the world we here at Bellissimo Law Group remain committed, excited and equipped for the many challenges our clients will face.

Although the years pass with seemingly increasing speed, one thing has not changed for me since I began many years ago and quite simply fuels me to this day. To meet a client and over our time together experience and assist in a positive move for them from one point of the spectrum of life to somewhere better.

So where ever you may find yourself tonight on the spectrum of life I wish you a Happy Ending and Wonderful New Year!