June 16, 2009


Posted by admin - Bellissimo Law Group PC

Book Launch Party a Glittering Success!

Liela Esmail of Bellissimo Law Group

The crème de la crème of the Toronto legal community gathered together last Thursday evening at One Up Lounge to celebrate the a newly published legal manual entitled Immigration Criminality and Inadmissibilty. Co-authored by legal counsel Mario D. Bellissimo and Louis R. Genova, who specialize in immigration and criminal law respectively, this groundbreaking publication fuses current legal trends and cases surrounding immigration and criminal law.

Present at the event included well-known judges, high profile media figures, as well as lawyers, and consultants in the fields of immigration and criminal law. A soothing medley of music played by a live band set the background for this glittering crowd as they enjoyed sumptuous appetizers and scintillating conversation.

The outpouring of admiration, respect, appreciation and love extended towards the authors by every attendee was truly amazing to behold. Copies of the newly published legal text were displayed and purchased. Guests continually exclaimed on the utility of such a manual and how it would assist in bridging the gaps between criminal law and immigration law, two areas which regularly intersect.