January 24, 2008

But I Know A Person Who . . .

Posted by admin - Bellissimo Law Group PC

This is one of the most common statements from new clients going through the citizenship, immigration or refugee process. They know someone who was able to do it faster, without a problem and without any questions from Immigration Canada. As I tell my clients if it could be done faster and without problems why would any lawyer not want to deliver that result to you?Aside from great service it is also great business!

The truth is that every case is different, laws and policy change quickly (sometimes even monthly) and people’s memories may not exactly remember all the key facts when they are telling you about their immigration experiences. So if you have gone to a lawyer with a good reputation and knowledge of the field listen to them and not the person you know who says different. We are here to help and the faster we deliver the results the better for you, our reputation and our desire to make a difference.